About The Orthotics Clinic

This Clinic was established with the aim of developing a convenient local center of excellence in Co. Wexford for the diagnosis, treatment, rehab & management of musculo-skeletal conditions with considerable investment made to include onsite X Ray facilities as well as state of the art Gait Scanning equipment to facilitate the provision of custom made Orthotics.

Our Clinical Team

Dr. Michael Veal

D.C BSc (Hons) 2001

Dr. Veal is highly qualified and experienced in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the whole musculoskeletal system with a speciality interest in the treatment and management of conditions affecting the leg, hip knee, ankle and foot. Dr. Veal utilises a state of the art computerised biomechanical foot assessment scanner in order to assess the various arches and structures of the foot that can give rise to various disorders and symptoms in the lower limb.

Trained to the highest international standards Dr. Veal is originally an Honours degree graduate from the University of Glamorgan, Wales (2001). Dr Veal completed the fifth and final year of his training in private practice in the South West of England. The four years spent in private practice in the U.K facilitated the completion of hundreds of hours of further education within his specialty area the management of sports injury and extremity conditions, these included the management of disorders such as plantar fasciitis (heel spur syndrome), iliotibial band syndrome and Achilles tendonitis in the foot to name but a few.

With over 12 years experience in providing safe, effective care and rehabilitation suitable for all ages, governed by the latest evidence and research based protocols in sports medicine, Dr. Veal takes a keen interest in the latest industry developments for the benefit of his clients.

A regular traveller to the UK and Europe as well as previously to the US he enjoys attending educational courses to remain at the top of his field and abreast of current developments in the management and treatment of physical conditions most recently training in certification in ART (Active Release Technique) the gold standard in soft tissue treatment in physiotherapy and chiropractic professions.

Dr. Olivia O Leary

D.C BSc Hons 2001

Dr O ‘ Leary is a physical Injury management specialist with over 12 years experience in Ireland and the U.K in muscular and skeletal medicine with a speciality interest in the area of occupational health after 4 years spent early in her career working with the employees of manufacturing companies in the U.K suffering predominantly back and neck pain as well as problems affecting the extremities including the lower leg and foot.

Dr. Olivia qualified with honours following a four-year BSc Hons degree programme at the University of Glamorgan in 2001. As a Clinic Director of Gorey Family Chiropractic, a specialist center (with on site x ray facilities) well known for the diagnosis and treatment of back, pain in Co. Wexford, She diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates individuals with a range of musculo skeletal conditions ranging from back and neck pain to Achilles tendonitis and Ilio-tibial band syndrome.
A keen former hockey player and sportsperson herself Dr. Olivia is a regular guest contributor to the Morning Mix show with Alan Corcoran on South East Radio covering a range of topics and listener queries from sports injury to orthotics prescription.

Dr. Yvonne Gallagher


Dr. Yvonne also graduated from the University of Glamorgan Wales with a Masters and from there she moved to St Andrews in Scotland into private practice. Within this practice Yvonne was heavily involved in the treatment of golfers suffering from back-related complaints as well as sports injuries relating to golf.
With a keen interest in the usage of Orthotics as a treatment modality and extensive experience in orthotic prescription Dr. Yvonne joined the clinic in 2011 and treats and manages a wide cross section of patients from competitive GAA and soccer players with problems ranging from foot and knee pain to hamstring or groin strain to more elderly patients with osteoarthritis in the knees or feet.

Dr. Yvonne also regularly attends both national and internationally based seminars and courses, and most recently has been taking certification In ART; the gold standard in soft tissue treatment which is used extensively by injury management professionals in top sports clubs treating elite athletes from premiership footballers to pro golfers on the tour.

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